Can Horse Riding Damage your Back?

Can Horse Riding Damage your Back?

Many people are scared to take up horse riding because they are worried it will damage their back. But, is that really the case? Let’s find out! Some people believe that horseback riding can cause long-term spinal problems like chronic pain and back spasms. But there isn’t any evidence that this is true. The human … Read more

How Much Do Horses Cost

How Much Do Horses Cost

The American Horses’ Council (AHC) 2005 economic study “dispelled the misperception that the horse industry is an enterprise only for wealthy individuals”. The cost of a horse depends on the type of horse you desire to own, its age, it’s capacity to be ridden, and how good it is in racing. You gain profit if … Read more

What Does It Cost To Care For A Horse

Is Horse Riding A Good Hobby?

Not a fortune! If you could afford a horse, you can take proper care of the horse and if the horse is for sports or some profitable activity, the horse may just earn you enough to even have some savings. This is not to say you cannot manage all that it takes to own a … Read more

Does Horse Riding Hurt The Horse?

Does Horse Riding Hurt The Horse?

Horses are large animals, and people ride them for different purposes. If you are one of those people who ride them frequently, as a pastime, for sports or any other purpose, you may be wondering if horse riding hurts the animal. Riding a horse will not hurt the animal if you do it in the … Read more

What Happens To Race Horses When They Stop Racing?

What Happens To Racehorses After They Retire?

Racing horses is an exciting sport and has had a significant impact on the industry. Statistics reveal that horseracing is the second most popular sport in many countries around the world after football in terms of spectatorship and the fact that the horses are trained their entire life to participate in equestrian sports and this … Read more

What Do Horses Eat To Keep Them Healthy?

Do horses feel love? 

Before taking part in any sporting event, nutrition must be taken into serious consideration. Horses need to eat the right food and have the right diet so they can have enough energy and strength to run in equestrian sports. Horses have a very specific dietary requirement as they are herbivores and have a unique digestive … Read more

Best Equestrian Body Protectors

There’s nothing worse than when you are out horseriding and your horse gets spooked for some reason. It can lead to it bolting or an unplanned dismount for you as it shrugs you of its back in fear. If you are wearing an equestrian body protector, then you can reduce the chances of you hurting … Read more

How Do You Gain Endurance For Horse Riding?

If you have ever wondered why anyone would need endurance for horse riding, just think of how long a typical horse ride takes. Horse rides could take anywhere from a few minutes to hours. The longer you ride the more endurance you and your horse need to make it happen. Endurance riding can basically be … Read more

Hind Leg Problems in Horses

Hind Leg Problems in Horses

Everyone acknowledges the strength and stamina of horses because whatever can carry a human must relatively be strong. Some other animals can also do this, but horses offer speed to a reasonable extent which is why they have been more widely kept than others. Have you ever questioned how four skinny legs could carry the … Read more

Can I Still Ride My Horse After Hip Replacement?

Can I Still Ride My Horse After Hip Replacement

The health and well-being of a horse are important to its rider but what do you do if you have just had a hip replacement but still plan on riding your horse? As riders experience a decline in age, their joints may begin to wear and develop issues. This may be due to underlying conditions, … Read more