Do Horses feel Love? 

Do horses feel love? 

If you are wondering what the answer to the question -“do horses feel love”, is, then you are on the right page. Love and affection among humans are mostly communicated verbally within themselves whereas animals show love through their actions and behaviors. A horse can feel and show love in two different ways either towards … Read more

Is Horse Riding Good for Autism?  

Horseback Riding For Kids

Horse riding has proven to be an effective and beneficial treatment for autism through hippotherapy and equine therapy. Equine Therapy Equine therapy tranquilizes riders with autism and makes them concentrate while receiving basic training and riding skills. They are taught how to care for their ponies while undergoing training classes simultaneously which gives them a … Read more

Is Horseback Riding Bad for your Hips?

Is horseback riding bad for your hips?

Most people are curious to know if horseback riding is bad for the hips. Well, there is only one simple answer which is; YES! it is. Let me tell you why. Causes Of Pain In Horseback Riding Most dressage riders develop mild or severe pain in their lower back and hips while riding especially when … Read more

Negative Effects Of Horse Riding

Nse Kill You?Negative Effects Of Horse Riding

According to the research conducted by a UK healthcare provider, Benenden, horse riding was rated the third most dangerous sport after boxing and rugby with less than 15% of respondents stating that it posed the greatest risk (1). In this article, we will be looking at the negative effects of horse riding and how best … Read more

Skills and traits Horse Riding Gives You

Skills and traits Horse Riding Gives You

As an equestrian, you may not be aware of the several ways in which your sport has influenced your life. For this reason, i have compiled a list of skills and traits horse riding gives you!! Horse riding like any other sport has a way of reshaping one’s thoughts mentally and emotionally. Physically, one tends … Read more