Best Horse Riding Boots

Finding an excellent pair of horse riding boots is an important task for any equestrian as they help ensure both a rider’s safety and comfort. They also protect the rider’s feet, enabling them to give clear aids and ensure your feet don’t get stuck in the stirrups should they fall off the horse.

The wide selection on the market means that there is the right pair available for everyone both horse enthusiasts and competitors alike. However, the vast range of selection, price, and quality can prove slightly bewildering, so let this article be your guide!

Long riding boots are popular styles used to describe a boot that covers the rider’s calf. The elegant style is usually comprised of a full-length boot which is either zipped or laced or alternatively more of the traditional ‘pull-on’ style.

Nowadays the zipped style is popular, not only because it is easier to put on, but because by necessity the leather tends to be softer making it easier to find the right fit for the rider. Long riding boots are considered acceptable in all competitive disciplines in black or brown, as well as on the hunting field.

Some riders favor the combination of a short boot and a sipped chap or gaiter, finished in either suede or leather, offering a stylish alternative. However, competition riders must be cautious of this style because gaiters are a permitted competition-style whilst half chaps are not.



The difference between gaiters and half chaps can prove nuanced, but basically half chaps are more casual in appearance and may feature elasticated panels and obvious zip and press stud detailing and gaiter tend to be considerably more formal.

Short paddock or jodhpur boots are the more informal option popular with younger riders and beginners.

The shorter style allows closer contact between the leg and the horse’s side. The laid-back style is a general-purpose boot and can be worn at any time offering comfort in support in a teaching setting and in a competition that permits them.

For those considering buying a pair of women’s high riding boots, consider this article your guide!

Cimmaron Matisse Western Boot from Coconuts

This stylish traditional ‘cowgirl’ style boot (Click here to see more reviews) will help you add a little country to your closet. The mid-calf boot features a block heel and is available in a range of colors including tan, black, and burgundy to match your style.

They feature an easy pull-on design with pull tabs as well as a zip so you can take them on and off easily and a padded insole helps provide a comfortable fit. This boot is also made with vegan material and features traditional style stitching.

On the flip side, these boots are more a fashion piece rather than a boot designed for the modern wearer – focusing primarily on safety and comfort. They are not weatherproof and would not be suitable for riders in muddy or wet environments.

They are more suited to people into leisure horse riding rather than competitions.

Equistar Ladies Field Boot (All-Weather)

These newly designed all-weather field boots (Click here to see more reviews) have a striking traditional appearance suitable for riders in disciplines of horse riding such as show jumping and event jumping.

The lace-up closure and the narrow profile in the leg and V style gussets provide extra-comfort when the rider’s stirrups must be shortened to get into their jumping position.

These boots are made with the finest lead-free ‘Leather Look’ material for a soft feel and superb wear and the top of the shaft is lined with synthetic leather for a traditional appearance.

The boots’ shaft has a cushion lining which helps with advanced moisture management. The EquiStar Sole System is durable and manufactured to help give some additional comfort with its lightweight-ness and improved flexibility.

As the name suggests these boots are designed to be suitable for a range of weather conditions. These boots have a relatively low price point for equestrian equipment and are available in a large range of size options including both regular and wide fit.

Due to the nature of the ‘slim fit’ on these boots, some buyers may have sizing issues with boots, especially around the calf area. These boots are priced at a price point where they are suitable to be used as competition standard equestrian equipment.

Tuffrider Ladies Lexington Waterproof Tall Country Boots

If you are looking for boots that are completely waterproof, then these Tuffrider boots (Click here to see more reviews) are for you. The leather and lining help to keep your feet warm and dry whether you’re on a country walk or in the saddle.

They come with elastic gussets and a drawstring closure that helps to ensure that it has a secure fit.

The rubber soles also help to ensure that in wet conditions you have assured safe footing. The rubber outsole and memory foam insoles ensure comfortable wear for an extended period of time. These boots also have attractive chocolate and fawn coloring.

The manufacturer recommends that the wearer cleans the boots as soon as possible after every ride, with a damp cloth or sponge as dirt and animal waste can be corrosive and may affect the leather which may hard to keep up with the busy country lifestyle.

The price point is a little higher than some comparable products on the market. Unfortunately, some online reviews question the effectiveness of the waterproofing of this product. Unsuitable for competition wear and these boots are not available in regular and wide fit.

LifeStride Women’s X-Anita Knee High Boot

These faux leather riding boots (Click here to see more reviews) are not only stylish but comfortable. The design features a side zip closure and elasticated back panel for an extended calf and custom fit for wearers.

In addition, the soft system® comfort package provides all-day support for the wearer with flex and cushioning with breathable fabric lining. Traction sole also provides extra stability helping to keep riders safe.

This boot is also available in a wide selection of sizes and widths so most customers should be able to find a good fit. Also available in Black as well as Greige. Full-length zip makes it easy for the boots to be taken on and off.

Due to the design of these boots the fabric feature is a considerably important feature that will make the boots sensitive to weather. This also decreases the waterproofing of the horse riding boots. It is unsuitable for more formal horse riding for this same reason.

Dream Pairs Women’s Knee-High Riding Boots

A stylish boot from Dream Pairs (Click here to see more reviews), featuring a round toe, slouch style design as well as a rubber outsole for easy movement. These boots are finished with a slightly padded faux fur insole and the zipper ensures the boots are easily taken on and off.

The boot comes in a wide range of attractive colors including brown, khaki, and camel, and includes a range of design features including buckles straps at the ankle and quilted zipper accents. This boot is available in US Women’s sizes 5-12.

The downside is that these boots are unsuitable for competition riding including showjumping and are only suitable for more casual riders. The synthetic material may be more susceptible to wear and tear compared to leather and higher-end faux leather materials. These Dream boots also lack some of the supportive technologies offered by competitor products.

Deciding on the Perfect Horse Riding Boots

Choosing the perfect horse riding boot is no easy task, especially with so much choice on the market. However, rider’s should not forget it’s importance the safety and comfort of their boots is essential.

People should not be discouraged by the large selection and see it instead as an opportunity to find the perfect boot. They must first consider the style of boot they are looking for and the purpose of the boot.

Do they need a boot suitable for competition riding in a traditional style? Or a more casual pair to wear during yard work?

Female riders looking to buy a casual or ‘fashionable’ look have the most selection and can choose from a variety of styles and sizes from the cowgirl style boot to country casual.

The price point of these boots will vary dependent on features such as weatherproofing and riding specific technology such as a traction sole. Riders will also have to consider how well the boot will fit, especially if they will be worn for a long period of time.

Most boots also now feature a zip so they are easy to take on and off.

Riders looking for more traditional boots suitable for competition wear arguably have an easier task as the range to choose from is smaller. However, these buyers must be prepared for higher price points and be vigilant about sizing as it is paramount that the sizing is accurate.

Why Are Boots Better For Riding Horses Than Sneakers Or Other Shoes

Riding horses is an enjoyable experience – that like most sports – always requires essential and protective equipment to do it safely. Following the helmet in crucial items, comes the footwear. There are many risks to your feet when taking part in this activity, and correct footwear is vital for making sure that you are comfortable and safe when riding a horse.

The numerous types of shoes around now would make some think that maybe any shoe is appropriate, as long as it is comfortable and fits in the stirrups nicely. Most shoes could be somewhat useful, but riding boots are the safest and most comfortable option.

When riding a horse, there are many different elements that you need to think about when choosing footwear. It’s almost essential that the heel of the boot is around one to one & a half inches long, which will help keep your foot on the stirrups.

Other shoes cannot do this as it would be difficult to find sneakers or a pair of trainers with a large enough heel and the extra grip required for it to be suitable.



The grip of the shoe is another essential element when buying shoes. When you think about riding boots, it makes sense that a good grip would be needed when riding a horse if it’s either walking or running – if anything, it helps to maintain control.

Shoes such as sneakers, trainers, sandals, or general flat shoes usually do not have enough or any grip at all. Running and training shoes tend to have grip for more active personal movement, whereas when riding a horse, you need shoes that will grip well to a small piece of metal.

Furthermore, boots are longer shoes, helping the rider to maintain posture as well as giving further support to the rider. Boots seem to be the only shoes that do this; in particular, riding boots have more sturdy and rigid support for the calves.



Finally, when caring for a horse before and after riding, your toes are at risk of damage from a horse stepping on your foot by accident while you are getting it ready.

Riding boots provide a good level of protection for your toes as well as your heels in this instance, as they can take a lot of force without the feet being damaged.

With other shoes, there cannot be the same reassurance unless you wanted to wear heavy steel-toed cap boots – which I would not recommend at all. Ultimately, to wear boots when riding a horse would be the most sensible option, they naturally provide quality protection and comfort and they were made for the sole purpose of riding horses.

The people who make riding boots tend to be well versed in the process and requirements of riding boots.

There are numerous types of riding boots available, depending on the style you want or prefer. They will give you the appropriate level of protection and comfort needed to ride a horse regardless of how long you wear them.

Additionally, riding boots are the only footwear accepted if you were to advance into a riding discipline such as dressage or racing, and so on. Therefore, it would make sense to invest in a pair of riding boots instead of resorting to a pair of inappropriate shoes that are likely to injure you and your feet in the short and long term