Can Adults Learn To Ride Horses?

Are you scared to ride a horse because you feel you are too old for that? Fear no more because horse riding isn’t a sport meant for only the youth or teenagers, adults can learn to ride horses too.

Adulthood begins from age 18 and riding a horse does not necessarily imply that you have to be a child to learn. Most adults especially in their late 30s and above tend to believe they are too old to perform well in this sport.


The truth is at that age, you would have attained the peak of your career or even be married with kids which means you are financially independent and can afford to own a horse or pay for training lessons as the case may be.

There is a factor of the huge expenses involved in buying a horse or getting trained in an outfit. This usually discourages most people from being engaged in horse riding either as a sport or a hobby since they cannot afford the exorbitant cost.

Even a 50-year-old adult can enroll to start horse riding lessons as long as he/she has the stamina and can easily move his body parts to control the horse while in motion. The question of whether one is too old to learn doesn’t count because the most important thing is how agile and physically fit you are to become an equestrian.

Some Guidelines For Adults Who Are Aspiring To Become Horse Riders.

 Staying Focused

 As an adult, it is quite easier to detect the reaction of your horse based on your emotions at any given time. Horses are very sensitive and can figure out our feelings if we are happy or sad. Your horse will never cross over an obstacle with you if you are scared. This is an experience you will learn by yourself outside the training you will undergo with your instructor.

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You cannot blame your horse whenever something goes wrong because it is always the rider’s fault from the commands issued and the directions given to the horse that may not be correctly established. Remaining focused at all times will make you see countless details around you that will make you successful in riding.

 Keeping Fit

 Becoming an equestrian isn’t a day’s job so you need to prepare yourself physically by engaging in simple regular exercises to keep fit and agile. There is no limit to your age when it comes to undergoing pre-riding exercises that will keep you in shape for the task ahead.

It could be just long quick walks or sprinting within your neighborhood but you need to improve gradually on your commitment towards gaining the strength you need for horse riding. Work on your core strength through yoga and sit-ups, improve your limb and hip strength via stretches and stairs work-out which will consequently maintain your balance and coordination.

Continue your daily exercises by jogging to enhance total body condition and establish the ease of hanging on to your horse using your inner thighs by working on your legs and pelvis. No matter your age, keep working out regardless of whether you want to learn horse riding as it will improve your overall health condition and physical strength.



Locating A Competent Coach

 Go online and undergo research for recommended instructors that are available to coach you on horse riding. Look for learning outfits close to your home to relieve you of having to drive long distances to acquire desired skills.

You can register with any horse training for beginners which may cover the basic charges and allow you to learn alongside other trainees who are novices like you. An experienced tutor will be more promising because of how much time he will dedicate to teach you. He/she will even push you beyond the limit but taking into cognizance your safety and comfort all the way.

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He will also easily interpret your readiness and physical requirements or shortcomings as soon as he places you under supervision. Your age and limitations will be considered by him before he will design your lesson plan towards training you towards becoming a successful rider.

 Purchasing Your Gear

 Endeavor to purchase a durable horse-riding kit to be assured of your protection and comfort. There are several different gears sold in the market today to monitor our safety while riding but the reliable age-long saddles and reins are still in existence and demand.

Examples of the gear you require include; boots for a comfortable feel and movement of legs to prevent swollen feet while riding, helmet for protecting your skull and brain in the case of any accidental fall while in motion on your horse.

Tee-shirt, and vests for a smart outlook and prevention of a tangled mess with the riding equipment. Pants, and denim for a tidy appearance and free movement while riding and ease of mounting and dismounting.

Finally, gloves for preventing the reins from slipping off your sweaty palms. You can go along with an experienced rider to purchase these items or seek the assistance of your coach or instructor to accompany you to buy them so as not to obtain low-quality ones from the market.



Avoiding Accidents

 No matter your involvement or experience in horse riding, always note that every rider falls from their horse at any point due to one reason or another. As a beginner, be aware that regardless of how fit you may be physically or how prepared your body is for riding, you will experience muscle and joint pains at the onset of your training which cannot be avoided.

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Even with other sports, when a new physical activity is being introduced into our lives, we tend to buckle in our joints and limbs due to the strange feelings and subsequent effects we encounter. Back pains, inner thigh weakness, and knee sprain are common cases of the type of effects that come with riding from scratch.

Try to avoid accidents and injuries as a beginner by being aware of your surroundings and horse reactions to avoid losing your grip and coordination.

 Enjoy Your Age Factor

 As an adult, you have an edge over adolescents in learning any task or sport because of your level of maturity and concentration. Activities you could not perform so well in will now have more meaning and interest to you as your ability to process information improves with age.

Do not feel discouraged by your age especially if there are more youth in your circle of trainees. Be motivated by the fact that you are finally living your dream of becoming a great rider. Give all your concentration and focus on learning new techniques daily by observing experienced riders and listening to your instructor attentively.

Dedicate your time to pick up new riding skills each day until you master the techniques involved. You may not be able to afford to buy a horse for yourself but you could register in a riding program where horses are available for training interested people like you.

If you are fortunate to own a horse, take good care of him by grooming and cleaning the barn where he is kept. Feed him well and register him at a vet shop in case of any health issues that may arise as a result of being ridden or accidents occurring while you are undergoing training.



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