Skills and traits Horse Riding Gives You

As an equestrian, you may not be aware of the several ways in which your sport has influenced your life. For this reason, i have compiled a list of skills and traits horse riding gives you!!

Horse riding like any other sport has a way of reshaping one’s thoughts mentally and emotionally. Physically, one tends to improve positively as you practice regular bodybuilding routines before mounting your horse and while riding.

There are numerous skills that you would have acquired over time which are revealed in your expertise and the manner you approach issues.


Here Is A List Of Relevant Attributes, Skills And Traits Horse riding gives you


A humble equestrian will always admit he doesn’t know it all when it comes to handling a horse no matter his level of experience or discipline in riding. He is ready to learn and take the cue from anyone be it a superior or subordinate just as he takes corrections from his horse.

Although the creature cannot talk, it helps to show the rider his flaws non-verbally but distinctively and the rider takes proper action to resolve and guard against a further reoccurrence. This trait only comes with a willingness to make corrections from anyone that points our mistakes to us which can easily be inculcated in horse riding.


Persistence is the key to achieving a stress-free ability to ride a horse without any hindrance which may arise from inexperience on your part or the horse. As a beginner or a teenager, you may encounter challenges in the full potential of controlling a horse but you shouldn’t despair as that is expected at an early stage of learning any kind of activity or sport.

All that you require is constant persistence in learning and the training lessons you receive from your coach regularly. The other side of experiencing incompetence in your riding ability is when you are given a young inexperienced horse to ride when you are already advanced in riding. It is only when you persevere that you can achieve success in such a situation. You should always be ready to dedicate all your time to get used to your horse as a novice or experienced rider to master the skill of perseverance.


You must endure the rigors of training or learning during horseback riding regularly. Sometimes you may be knocked down or fall off your horse and all you have to do is get back up, dust yourself, and continue with your sport. The daily training you undergo while riding and teaching your horse tactics and smart techniques in its approach require patience.

In your career either as an administrator or a technical fellow, you need to endure and tolerate the people you work with and your bosses or employees because none of them has the same background as you do hence you will not expect them to act the way you do. Dedicating your time towards your profession comes from your ability to spend time with your horse as a rider with all the patience you can muster to be the best in all aspects including your personal life.



Horseback riding is a very challenging and unsafe sport which demands courage and bravery on the part of the rider. There are times we may approach obstacles while racing in cross country events or even in the arena that could threaten our safety.

A dangerous situation could occur whereby we have to dismount from the horse to avoid fatal accidents while in motion and this decision we know isn’t advisable because we could either be dragged along by the horse in flight, dislocate our limbs, or encounter severe brain damage. The ability to withstand such difficult situations makes us bold enough to also face life challenges in other areas of our existence.


This characteristic trait is a very important one that brings about teamwork between you and your animal. Horses are built to function as a team with their riders because they work hand in hand to achieve a similar goal. Relating this skill to our daily lives and activities will not only build our minds positively but also in our proficiency in handling issues in our workplace and at home.

As a professional or business tycoon, you need to display the spirit of unity among your colleagues for an efficient outcome in your endeavors. All staff at work and friends outside your official network will function well by encouraging an attribute of solidarity among each person.


Horses are designed naturally to be herd animals hence they need to be directed by a person to carry out his expectations as the rider. Our emotion has a way of molding our actions and thoughts which simply means that when we are angry, nervous, or excited we tend to show it in the way we treat people around us including our horses.

The manner with which we are expected to tone down our reactions towards our horses to achieve their submissiveness is an attribute that could be applied in our daily interactions with people. Humans tend to allow themselves to be led by someone capable of directing and leading without any sentiments attached therefore the authority we have in leading a horse relates to the leadership skills we apply in leading people.


Your independent nature surely comes from horse handling done solitarily while racing on a horse all by yourself without any support whatsoever from any other person. Being a female rider to be specific also generates into being capable of handling life issues independently without relying on a man for guidance.

Gender equality results from this independent nature and permits women and girls to take up male-dominated roles in any profession they find themselves. There is no room for segregation when it comes to horse riding as females can perform excellently just like their male counterparts. This in turn applies to our everyday lives.


This skill has a lot to do with how you can decipher what your horse is thinking or passing through. You are aware that your animal cannot talk to you but has its own emotions and feelings which he may not be able to voice out but could show in his reactions while it is being ridden.

It is your kindness and empathic nature towards it that will enable you to discover the pains and discomfort your pony is experiencing at any given time. Slight brushing and petting could be all that is required to correct any form of anxiety in your horse. Show compassion to your four-legged buddy and he will cooperate with you without a fuss at any given time.



Your interest in how to make yourself and your horse better companions shouldn’t only be obtained from studying alone. Try as much as possible to interact with other riders and learn from your horse itself.

Engaging in useful discussions with other riders and coaches could be very beneficial towards improving your knowledge about your steed. Also, spend more valuable time with your horse to know it better which will assist you in giving him the best of your time and care.

Be curious for more knowledge and gain relevant information from your network of riders to be abreast of your familiarity with your dressage.


An in-depth desire to always want to be at your best every time you ride your horse makes you gradually attain the peak of your career in sport and consequently in every other aspect of your life. You must aspire to reach the top in horse riding daily to become a professional in your chosen sport.

Therefore, the thought at the back of your mind should be that you are willing to improve in riding and not believe that with the little expertise you have, then you are the best. You need to keep working on your talent and improve on yourself daily to accomplish your set goal in riding. This is a common attribute found in an ardent rider who believes in hard work and the strong will to perform better each day.


Every equestrian develops logical thinking in their daily encounter with their horses. There are situations when you might face problems that may seem insurmountable while mounted on your dressage, at the barn during cleaning or while grooming your buddy. It is with the wisdom you have developed during the training and relating with your steed that will suffice for you at periods such as these.

Similar issues that have occurred in the past only require your ability to make wise decisions by applying methods that worked for you before in resolving current hitches.


The impulsive reaction of your horse and the need to counteract its resultant effect on you or people around you make it stressful to combine all the skills listed above and still have a successful career in your sport and personal life.

You need to be smart and ready to face any difficult task that may come your way without waiting to be taught what to do. Multi-tasking ability is learned from undertaking various tasks all at once and as a horse rider, you can gain much experience from all the activities that surround you and your steed.

 Mastering your skills

Acquiring every skill and maintaining them to the best of your ability lies in your willingness to become successful in all aspects of your existence. You need to be hardworking and diligent despite the rigors of horse riding so that you can accomplish your goal of aspiring to be excellent in what you do for a living whether riding is a sport for you or your lifelong career.

Live your dreams and master the personal skills you have gained from being an equestrian. Do not trade your success for any irrelevant skill in the world! Join the equestrian family today if you are willing to take your tactfulness beyond the ordinary. It may be worth giving a try…