9 TV Shows about Horses

Horse lovers all over the world are always looking for new TV shows that feature horses. Younger generations that grew up with My Little Pony, or just recently watched Dreamworks’ Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron may be wondering where they can find similar movies and shows.

Fear not, we have you covered! Here is a list of some great horse-themed television series to watch while waiting for your next favorite show to come out on Netflix.

Here is a list of TV shows that highlight horses in life situations:


The Heartland Series tells the story of Amy Fleming, a horse whisperer who falls in love with horses after losing her mother to an accident. The epic saga follows as she faces challenging times and great successes while struggling against nature’s elements all over Ireland.

Heartland is a family-friendly show that equestrians of all ages will enjoy with an array of stories centered on horses.

From Amy Fleming’s journey as she builds relationships and finds homes for injured animals, to the adventures her friends have while working at horse sanctuaries or competing in rodeos – there are plenty more fun moments throughout each episode!

Mister Ed

Mister Ed is a long-time favorite of Americans and with good reason. This nostalgic show follows Mister Ed and his owner Wilbur Post as they go about their day together; however, only one person can communicate – Mister Eddy!

As the series progresses there are countless humorous moments due to this unique relationship between humanoids that have never been seen before on TV or anywhere else.

Many people love to watch horse shows on TV, and this particular show is no exception. It first aired in 1961 with many other classic series like it that still provide laughs decades later for both equestrians and non-equestrians alike.

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The Adventures of Black Beauty

The book, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell is one that will live on as long as horses do. The Adventures of Black Beauty continues this classic tale in a modern sense while paying homage to the original story and telling its own beautiful ending.

The Adventures of Black Beauty is a family-friendly show for horse lovers. With the gorgeous black thoroughbred mare as an adventurous lead character, this classic television series follows her through new adventures with James Gordon’s daughters!

The gentle artistry and creativity in each episode make it perfect viewing material at any age – you may even find yourself laughing out loud when one of these clever stallions gets tricked every so often.


The show follows Kit Bridges as she moves to England and struggles with new challenges. Difficult horses, difficult tasks… it’s all in a day’s work for this tough equestrian.

Kit’s new life takes courage, but it also promises great rewards for those who fight through their fears.

This show is a favorite among many equestrians because it’s engaging and has good character progression..

Horse Crazy

This show has been a favorite among teenagers and pre-teens for years. The main character, Zoe, finds a wild horse that she must break into a safe riding horse in order to save it from being sent off to the slaughterhouse.

She is aided by an older friend who works at a local stable and teaches her about horses. When she finds time, she rides around town on her new rescue horse and helps other people with their horses.

There’s lots of excitement in store as you watch Zoe grow from an inexperienced rider to one who can compete in high-level competition – all while conquering her fears and saving the life of another innocent animal. Allie Winston also makes appearances throughout the series as a strong female lead

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Spirit Riding Free

Spirit Riding Free is more than just a horse show for the young at heart. This cartoon teaches viewers about bonding with wild mustangs and how they can be tamed by humans, much like in Hollywood blockbusters – it’s based on true events.

Airing since 2009 this Disney Junior TV series continues to follow 12-year-old Lucy who bonds instantly over her first brush from Spirit – a loner but caring mare living out West far away from modern society.

They soon become friends as she helps him through tough times such as being abandoned after being branded “too slow”.

With a great storyline and engaging animation, Spirit Riding Free is the perfect show for young horse lovers.

This horse TV show is the perfect way to spend a weekend. And you’ll want to keep up with it after its release in anticipation of this movie!

The much-anticipated follow-up, Spirit Untamed features four heartwarming tales about true partnerships between humans and animals that will make your soul soar.

All leading up towards an epic final act set during America’s Old West era told through horses’ eyes as they race across the open country against time itself on one last journey we know too well – mortality.

Free Rein

Ever dream of being free from responsibility, away on an island with your own horse? That’s exactly what Zoe Phillips does.

The show follows a Los Angeles teenager who, after spending the summer on an island off England’s coast, forms a close bond with her horse.

Celebrate the joy of horses, playfulness, and adventure with Free Rein. This British television drama includes everything from horse riding to friends who become family as you get caught up in their lives – it’s perfect for anyone who loves this wild world we call equestrianism.

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Human Horses

We’ve all seen a show on British television about a British teenager who forms a close bond with their horse. This is not that show.

This comedy centers around a girl trying to make it in the world of racing thoroughbreds, though she’s more interested in donkeys and mules than racehorses, much to her mother’s chagrin. She faces many hardships on the way but luckily discovers fun new friends along the way who play an integral role in helping her succeed.

Romance blossoms when she meets another independent young woman passionate about horses and coping with loss – what could go wrong?

The Saddle Club

The Saddle Club has been one of the most iconic horse TV shows for decades.

From the first episode, it is clear that these girls know what they’re doing. They are enthusiastic about horses and this great sport called “horseback riding.” The Saddle Club has an interesting premise: three friends who attend Pine Hollow Stables for training, follow each other’s lives outside of school as well.

It’s based on a book series written by Bonnie Bryant.

The Saddle Club is a show for horse lovers of all ages. The three seasons span the entire life cycle, from foal hood through adulthood with plenty to keep any equestrian interested in their passion satisfied.

The iconic television series follows Lisa and her friends’ adventures working at stables while they also deal with drama such as love lives or arguments over which saddle fits best on who (which leads many people off-topic).