Are Horse Riders Better in Bed? 8 Reasons

Equestrians are known for being smart and sexy – especially when wearing their fitted horse riding accessories that help them to stay safe on their horses. They ride large animals all day and this shows how strong they can be just by controlling such huge creatures and maintaining good posture throughout their lives. This skill is transferable to when two people are in bed together. You would often rely on the same body muscles.

Female equestrians display a wild performance when it comes to romantic escapades with their partners who are not horse riders. Men who date female riders also often commend their sexual prowess and encourage their buddies to try and experience what it feels like to be in bed together.

Are Horse Riders Better in Bed?

In comparison with non-riders, horse riders tend to exhibit greater sexuality in bed and this gives them an edge over keeping love relationships with their partners in the long term.

Whether you are male or female, keep reading to discover how pleasant it is to have a rider as your date or spouse.

The Theory Behind the Claim

The main theory behind the claim that horse riders are better in bed is that riding horses requires an intense level of body control and coordination. So it is expected that horse riders must be highly aware and sensitive to their bodies and their partners’ bodies.

This heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity can translate into an improved sexual experience for both partners.

Horse riding is also known to be a full-body exercise, which causes blood flow to increase throughout the entire body, leading to improved physical performance. As a result, some argue that horse riders tend to have more stamina in the bedroom than non-riders do.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Start Horse Riding

  • Equestrians know how to be in control in bed and this is a great attribute that determines how enjoyable the intercourse will be for both parties. This ability to be in control stems from the regular sessions of controlling their horses while mounted during a race. If the rider is a lady, it will reflect in the role she plays in bed. She will prefer to be on top of her partner in a cowgirl position during sex taking charge of the moment and riding as she would ride her horse while racing on the field.
  • The stamina of horse riders is unmatchable! They undergo rigorous activities from dawn to dusk stacking hay, cleaning stalls, and grooming their horses. They ride a dozen horses daily coupled with all the tasks that await them to complete. The strength that they accumulate in their waists from this enables them to perform well in bed. They do not require any additional medication to keep them alert. Male horse riders can boast of experiencing maximum satisfaction with the kind of stamina they possess.
  • Horse riders wear tightly fitted clothing that makes them look smart and sexy (1) all through their rides. Their pants hug their body in a sexy manner with their shirts neatly tucked into the bottoms for a hotter effect. Their hair is neatly tied into a top-notch or braided to a ponytail to keep it from obstructing their view when on the field or in the arena. They attract the opposite gender with all these looks and create a romantic mood within their company of friends.

  • Most positions in bed can involve one of the partners spread-eagled to adapt to different styles or positions. Horse riders know how to sit astride horses perfectly and this also applies to the role they play in bed. The toned legs that you get when horse riding also mean they can adapt to any partner of any size in bed and can maneuver without much of a struggle.
  • All equestrians exhibit love from the pet-owner relationship between them and their horses. They show love and affection towards their ponies, therefore it will be easy for them to transfer these emotions to their loved ones in human form. 
  • In the aspect of being tidy and organized, all riders tend to make a great life partners to their spouse in keeping a house clean at all times. Every rider knows how to get down on their knees to either groom their animals or sanitize the stables regularly. This is a great habit that leads to becoming a homemaker with an ability to keep dirt and germs far from the home.
  • Loyalty is the key attribute in any successful human relationship, especially between a man and a woman. Equestrians have no time to keep multiple partners due to their tight schedule of regular training as riders. You can be assured that your partner is faithful to you so if she isn’t by your side, then she is at the farmhouse with her pony.
  • BDSM or masochism is a consensual relationship between two or more people of the same or different genders that involves a dominant party and the submissive one. Ropes or chains can be used to bind the one under submission from freedom to move while the other person takes charge throughout the intercourse using whips to control his prey. An equestrian can easily partake in such sexual acts because of how whips are used to direct their horses and keep them under control.
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Dating a Horse Rider?

If you are lucky to have one in your life already, make sure you maintain your relationship and remain as loyal as you can be. If not, you should consider attending horse shows to increase the chances of you meeting a horse-riding partner.

Encourage him/her in their sport and create time to be with them during events to cheer them and make them feel loved and special. If you succeed at wooing an equestrian, you should count yourself lucky to have an ambitious and competent partner by your side.

Other Interesting Facts about Horse Riders

Does horse riding slim thighs?

It is a widely known fact that riding horses tones your muscles, so if you are naturally slim and petite then they might look larger as your muscles develop. However, it’s not all good news for those who were bigger to start with. As the thighs get more toned from horseback riding, there may appear smaller than they were before.

Does riding horses make you tighter?

Riders can expect to work their entire lower body when riding, including the glutes, quads and hamstrings. Just sitting in the saddle on a horse works those muscles with them tightening as you go up to stay balanced then releasing when going down again.

Helping you stay in the saddle and not be thrown off balance by your horse’s movements.

How does horse riding change your body?

Horse riding is a great way to get out and have some fun while getting in an intense workout. Riders will experience all of the benefits that come from cardiovascular exercise, as well as important challenges for developing hand-eye coordination with balance exercises.

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Riders are also toning their entire body and not just their core muscles and leg strength.