What Do Horses Eat To Keep Them Healthy?

Do horses feel love? 

Before taking part in any sporting event, nutrition must be taken into serious consideration. Horses need to eat the right food and have the right diet so they can have enough energy and strength to run in equestrian sports. Horses have a very specific dietary requirement as they are herbivores and have a unique digestive … Read more

Can Horses Survive On Grass Alone? 5 Tips for Feeding

Can Horses Survive On Grass Alone

Horses require the right amount of nutrients in the proper proportion to enable them to carry out all the tasks and activities they are used for. Since these animals are natural grazers, they spend a lot of time (as much as 16-18 hours a day) grazing on grass pasture and local forages. So can horses … Read more

What is the Recommended Diet for Horses with Ulcers

What is the Recommended Diet for Horses with Ulcers

If you have previously suffered from gastric ulcer or heartburn, then you must be very familiar with the discomfort and pain that is associated with excessive acid in the stomach. Just like humans, horses are also at risk of developing gastric ulcers. These animals constantly secrete gastric acids, in the presence or absence of food … Read more

Best Treats To Feed A Horse

Best Treats To Feed A Horse

Human beings love and deserve treats every now and again. Animals are not an exception, and many people give their horses treats as a reward for good behaviour or as a way of bonding with the animal. If you have a horse, you may want to know the best things that you can feed it … Read more

What Do Wild Horses Eat In The Desert?

What Do Wild Horses Eat In The Desert

The desert is renowned for being a hostile barren expanse of land, where very few life forms exist. Plants and animals that live there suffer very hostile environmental conditions. The day time is usually very hot and the night-time can be the exact opposite when in a desert. Due to these conditions, very often only … Read more

What Should Horses Eat: Fruits or Vegetables?

What Should Horses Eat: Fruits or Vegetables?

If you are a horse owner then one predominant thought you would have is how to spend quality time with your horse(s). And if you are anything like me or your horse stupendously loves treats as my Mare does, you would feed it all the treats you can, just to spend time with it. But … Read more

How Long Can A Horse Go Without Water?

How Long Can A Horse Go Without Water

As a horse owner, I am pretty sure no day goes by without you wondering how best you can provide your horse with the best care. Or maybe you’re aspiring to get a horse and certain questions are swimming through your head. You just might be thinking, “how long can a horse go without water? … Read more

Can Horses Eat Cabbage? Need to Know

Can Horses Eat Cabbage

A lot of care and attention goes into feeding a horse. For most horse riders and any new horse owners, the choice of food can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, over the years, many horse owners have helped to simplified the process a bit. There’s a wealth of nutrition information available to help make sure … Read more