Do Horses feel Love? 

If you are wondering what the answer to the question -“do horses feel love”, is, then you are on the right page. Love and affection among humans are mostly communicated verbally within themselves whereas animals show love through their actions and behaviors.

A horse can feel and show love in two different ways either towards his fellow animals or to humans close to him. You can notice the signs of a horse’s affection in various ways ranging from the way they caress themselves to the manner they nudge you lovingly.



Animals are known to be fond of you when you touch, kiss, or cuddle them warmly and as a horse owner, you need to have first-hand information about the several ways by which your steed shows you he adores you.

Here Are Simple Ways Horses Show Love To Humans

 Follow Their Lead

 Whenever your horse shows you a warm gesture, do not try to reciprocate immediately but allow him to settle properly and feel unrushed in his offer of affection. This will keep him calm and willing to continue his cuddling and nuzzling until he can relax in your embrace without feeling overwhelmed by you.

Always let him take the lead and don’t try to make a fuss when he is extending his arm of friendship towards you.

 Body Language

 Take your time to study and understand your horse’s movement and body language because they always show signs using their body parts like their ears, head, neck, and tail. Loose and relaxed ears show that your pony is comfortable around you, his head and neck slightly placed down indicate how happy he is and enjoys your company while a raised tail signifies excitement.

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Your posture and gestures as a human being are easily detected by your horse since most of their communication is non-verbal. Try to compose yourself when you are around him to avoid passing across a feeling of trepidation or remorse when you are downcast.


 Your horse will always want to display his dominant nature as a herd animal towards his fellow horses even if he happens to be new among the herd. If he respects you, he will look up to you as his superior and render his loyalty to you to show how much he adores you. This doesn’t mean he could disrespect you or disobey your instructions therefore you need to spend more time with him so that he can remain loyal and obedient at all times.



The Trust Factors

 Horses are naturally prey animals which makes them always be on guard therefore, you have to earn their trust before they can permit you to come close. Take it slow with enormous patience to gradually create a friendly atmosphere between you and your pet for a long-term cordial relationship.

The moment you can gain their trust, you should be sure that there is an element of affection built towards you. Start by showing them leadership qualities that involve directing them before mounting as the latter should come last. Your horse has to know you well before he can agree to be ridden safely without any reluctance.

 Fondling And Caressing

 Horses prefer to lick and kiss their owner which could be discomforting for you. Your first reaction when you come across a horse is to touch his face but he is not familiar with such gestures. Therefore, you need to study your horse in particular as he has a different emotion from other horses, pets (like dogs and cats), or humans.

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When you can decipher the likes and dislikes of your pony, you will surely connect and he will encourage any form of caressing and fondling you want to shower him with. He will be the first to approach you if he feels comfortable around you regardless of whether you are coming to feed him nor giving him a treat.

 Bonding While Grooming

 Like humans, horses are overprotective and show jealousy when their rider or owner adopts a new horse into his existing herd. They act that way because of how much love they have developed for you during your quiet time with them while grooming or feeding them.

If they sense any threat towards you by any other person or animal, they put on their defensive armor and protect you instantly. They feel so close to you and the kind of attachment they experience with you is remarkable. You cannot trade their friendship for anything in this world.



How Horses Show Love To Other Horses

 Team Spirit

 Depending on the relationship they have developed over time, horses tend to move with those they are comfortable with among their herd. You could see them moving in pairs or more with their buddies that they either spend most of the time together in the barn or on the field while grazing.

They take walks together and help in protecting one another from danger while away from human vicinity. There is always an air of fondness among the group which is magnetic and keeps them closely knit as a team.


 Horses that are fond of themselves will naturally connect by brushing their faces and blowing air into their buddy’s nostrils to show love and familiarity among themselves. With a horse they are used to, all they do is sniff and move otherwise, they protest by kicking and shrieking to alert their owner.

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When feeding, they will ordinarily warm up to those they identify as their buddies and share freely with them without any fuss. Horses do not challenge themselves unless there are new members in their group.

 Grooming And Scratching

 Herd animals are used to nurturing themselves by chasing away flies and helping one another to get cleaned up. Mothers are very fond of doing this to their kids in the animal kingdom by licking their young ones clean as a grooming style. When these foals grow up, they do it with their friends positioning their heads on each other’s backs.

This gesture is common with horses that have gained each other’s trust and have a strong bond between themselves. It is rare to see a new horse scratching an older one because of the unfamiliar presence of the new horse.

 Reciprocating The Love

 For a better relationship between you and your horse, endeavor to show him how much you love him in return as this will encourage him to do more than showing affection. He could be determined within himself to ensure you always win your races during sport or be ready to defend you if you are in danger or threatened.

Grooming your horse regularly and keeping his space tidy at all times makes him see you as his caregiver and wish to repay you by being submissive and humble. You may even go the extra mile in purchasing shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers to make him smell and feel clean after grooming. Speak softly to your horse to make him be able to identify your voice even when you are not close by.

Take frequent walks with him and spend quality time bonding with each other all day. You can be assured of winning the animal’s affection even more just by keeping him close to you.

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