Spotty Horse, What’s It Called?

When you think about a horse what color do they come in your head? Do you imagine them being all white or maybe jet black from nose to tail? While those are certainly common examples there is so much variation within the species that it almost seems like each animal has its own unique look! Horses are often called spotty when they have a few dark spots on their white coat. The term is not a scientific one, it’s used to describe horses that have a few dark patches on them.

A spotty or dotted horse is typically referred to as an Appaloosa. This breed can have spots all over its body, a blanket pattern on its rump, or even multiple patterns that cover much of the hair coat in any combination you could imagine!

Spotty horses can be found in all breeds and colors of the equine family, but they’re most common in Appaloosas or Paints. Horses with this color pattern may be born with these markings or develop them later in life due to injury or infection.

A spotted horse can be hard to miss, but there are so many variations in patterns and colors that it may not always be obvious what the best term for this type of animal is.

History of Appaloosa Horses

Appaloosa horses are a breed of animal that is known for their spotted coat pattern. They were originally bred in the United States and Canada, but today can be found all over the world. The Appaloosa horse has been around since at least 1785, when they were first mentioned in records.

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One theory behind how these animals got their unique markings is because it helped them blend into the tall grass to hide from predators while grazing on open land during the day or night.


Spotty Horse


Appaloosa horses have a long history in the United States. This breed is known for its striking coat patterns and coloration. The Appaloosa’s genetic makeup traces back to the Nez Perce tribe of Native Americans who occupied territory that is now part of Idaho, Montana, Washington State, and Canada.

The Nez Perce were known to be accomplished horsemen who developed an unusually spotted horse from stock brought by settlers from eastern Europe in the 1700s. In the 1800s, French Canadian explorers found these spotted horses among their Native American counterparts and named them “Palouse,” which translated into “spotted one.”

Today, they are one of America’s most popular breeds with over half a million registered every year!

What are Appaloosa Horses Used For

Appaloosa horses are used for a variety of purposes. They were originally bred and raised by Native Americans, and they served as their primary form of transport. Appaloosas have also been used in the military throughout history, with some serving as cavalry mounts during World War II.

Today, Appaloosas are still commonly seen at rodeos and other horse shows because of their distinctive spotted coat patterns.

Appaloosa Horses are also used today mainly for recreational purposes but also have been used as show horses, police mounts, ranch workhorses, pack animals, and more recently have even been found competing at some levels of racing competition. These versatile breeds can be found all over North America from Canada down to Mexico.

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Appaloosa Horse Facts

  • Appaloosa horses are a breed of horse that is well-known for their distinctive spotted coat.
  • This breed originates from the area around Nez Perce Indians and was later introduced to Europe by explorers.
  • They were originally bred as working horses, but now Appaloosas are often used for show jumping or dressage.
  • The Appaloosa Horse Club (AHC) promotes this breed through education, breeding programs, show competitions, and sports events across the United States and Canada. The AHC also sponsors research into health issues that may affect these horses.
  • It’s believed to be one of the oldest breeds in America because they were first spotted in paintings made by Native Americans during the 1500s.