Why Covering Horses Eyes is Beneficial

When you think about the anatomy of a horse, it is easy to see that they have some very sensitive areas. They have more nerve endings in their eyes than any other part of their body, so blinding them can lead to serious injury or death. The best way to protect your horses’ eyes is by using horse eye covers on the exterior of the eye area.

Horse eye covers are designed to cover both sides of the face and are usually made with leather or vinyl material which won’t cause any harm if rubbed against your horse’s skin.

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Horse eye covers not only protect your horse from potential injuries but also help reduce distractions for horses who need time away from environmental stimulation while working on tasks such as riding or training sessions.

Below are the best options of eye covers currently available for covering horses’ eyes.

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Cashel Crusader Long Nose Horse Fly Mask

The Cashel Crusader Long Nose Horse Fly Mask gives your horse optimal fly protection, eliminating any gaps for biting pests.

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The Crusader’s long nose design stretches down over the nostrils and head without interfering with breathing or eating. And it has been designed for maximum breathability material that will provide heat relief from the sun during the summer months.

The Cashel Crusader Long Nose Horse Fly Mask is a sturdy fly mask that offers an excellent level of protection from pesky insects. It is soft and comfortable, while still being very durable. The single/low chin closure makes it easy to take the horse fly mask off when you want.

This can also be a problem because there’s not much in the way of elasticity in the material so if your animal has velcro on fences or plants near their run they may get tangled up in them with frequent removal.

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Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask with Ears

If you ride the trails often, then I’m sure you are well acquainted with all of the potential dangers that can happen. Whether it’s tangle footing, sudden obstacles along the way, navigating through tall grasses, or deep duff – take this product into consideration.

The durable mesh gives your horse a clear line of vision and won’t hinder their site on the trail. It easily attaches over their bridle without inhibiting movement or sound to make unique markings easy to see.

Easily and quickly attaches over the bridle, this fly mask is absolutely one of a kind as it provides excellent ventilation as well as protection from flies.

With its soft poly-fill padding to take away pressure around the delicate facial area, this fabric can be used on horses who have allergies or sensitive skin to typical nylon fabric masks.

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Lastly, unique ear tabs on either side make for comfort no matter how long your horse wears it.

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Intrepid International Full Cup Blinker Hood

This silent, comfortable fly mask with ears keeps bugs away from your horse’s eyes while he/she is being tacked up or trailering. You will love this one-size fits all product that comes in a number of different colors.

Made of soft, stretchy polyester with blinker hoods to keep pressure off your horse’s head and eyes, they’re an excellent choice for any rider who takes safety seriously.

With its tight adjustments, it stays securely in place without rubbing or chafing the skin around a horse’s muzzle, this fly mask can’t be beaten.

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Cashel Breast Cancer Fly Mask with Ears

Cashel fly masks are the number one choice of riders, trainers, farriers, vets, and owners because they are high-quality without giving up durability.

These are stretchy mesh that covers your horse’s face to keep flies away from their eyes while also having great visibility for their surroundings! The pink trim is really special – you can see at a glance what this company does in support of breast cancer research.

It helps out groups like the Wounded Warrior Project to fund innovations in cancer research for people.

The bright pink trim is not only stylish but it is made of soft, durable mesh. This fly mask also has guaranteed forelock access for longer hair.

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Kensington Average Signature Fly Mask with Web Trim

The Kensington Average Signature Fly Mask with Web Trim features high-quality construction and design for average-sized horses, providing protection against pesky insects while staying securely in place.

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Constructed of mesh that is air permeable and blocks up to 73% of harmful UV rays, this mask will keep your horse cool on both hot summer days and warm winter ones.

With its non-woven, polyester material it is made to be durable and protective of your horse’s face from those pesky flies.

This detailed mask also includes reinforced web trim for added protection from biting insects as well as an easy on/off quick-release feature for convenience. Coming in stylish matching Kensington plaid so there won’t be any guessing which masks matches all your other Kensington gear!