10 Mistakes People Make While Buying Their First Horse

Getting any kind of pet for the first time can be an exciting experience, especially when it’s a horse but what are the mistakes you can make when buying your first horse? Horses are mainly bought to participate in equestrian sports. This sport may not be the most popular however, it isn’t far off from being it. Statistics reveal that horse racing is the second most popular sport in most countries in terms of spectatorship.

The one aspect that makes sport entertaining is the fact that sport has its uncertainty and it’s the uncertainty of outcome that symbolizes the excitement, beauty, and power of sport as fans are keeping engaged and experience shocks in sport, not written on paper. With over six million attendees passing through the turnstiles at racecourses around the country every year, the popularity of the sport is widespread. 

Horse racing is very different to many other team sports as this is an ‘individual sport‘ and can be described as a ‘rich man’s sport’ as fans tend to create more passion for money and this sport doesn’t create as much loyalty as a sport like a game of tennis or a football game. 

Fans don’t wear the attire of sports riders or shirts with horses on them. Fans would wear suits as this sport is a ‘rich man’s sport’ and as stated earlier, fans create more passion for the money. In terms of the atmosphere, however, the atmosphere can be loud with fans cheering the horses they want to win.

10 Mistakes People Make While Buying Their First Horse

As horse racing is a short event, the emotional attachment of fans may be maintained, as opposed to a 90-minute football game. Feelings however can be changed within an instant as variables can change in horse racing. A horse can be winning but then be overtaken immediately. Football and horse racing share one thing in common; the uncertainty of outcome. As stated earlier, this is what makes sport entertaining and this may show that regardless of what sporting event may be shown, fans will pay money to expect the unexpected.

Beyond horse racing, purchasing a horse may also be an exciting experience, however, picking the wrong horse could be more dangerous than fun as it may take away the joy of horse riding and other fun activities people engage in with horses.

This article will outline these points.

Buying An Untrained Horse

Buying an untrained horse may be cheaper, however, training a horse can take months or more and it could be very dangerous if the training is not carried out carefully or correctly, therefore, it’s always best to purchase a trained horse and build a strong connection with it.

If you need help identifying if the horse you are thinking about is the right hose for you, then you should get this book (link to Amazon). It has about 250 vivid full-color photographs of more than 100 horse-breeds.

Untrained, mature horses or young horses are not a reliable option for first-time owners. Its always best to focus on correcting problem behaviors or helping horses to recover from injury, trauma, or past training mistakes and exposing them to people and riding equipment. This helps build a strong connection between the rider and the horse.

Turning Down An Old Horse

Getting an older horse that has been privileged to explore the world is just perfect for a first-time owner. Lots of beginners often buy young horses however, older horses have graced onto the big stage in various festivals and tournaments and have experience.

Older horses are healthy, sound, and energetic enough to be ridden into their old age most of the time. Carrying out light daily exercises such as riding around with a horse or an early morning riding, will not only prove beneficial for the owner but also for the horse.

Buying A Horse You Expect Too Much From

Just like in a football match, fans can expect too much from a certain player and the player may find themselves under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. It’s best to keep expectations at a low and in terms of horse racing, your six months of horse racing doesn’t mean that your horse is ready to engage in a horse race.

It’s always ideal to get a horse that is fit enough or matches the owner/rider skill requirement, as well as keeping expectations to a minimum so the rider nor the horse can be put in any sort of pressure whatsoever. For a horse to perform, they must be provided with the correct support and care for them to succeed. Horse racing is a very exciting sport and due to the uncertainty of outcome and the reputation this statement has built-in major sporting events, this creates more passion, energy, and excitement for fans.

Entertainment is the main purpose. The passion and the adrenaline can motivate the rider and the horse to perform well under the spotlight.

Buying A Young Horse For The Children To Grow Up With

It’s always ideal to buy your kids a horse that is trained and mature so that they can ride on it immediately and it is best to get a horse that can handle itself when faced with certain situations. Untrained horses may not handle certain situations well, as a result of which, they may be going ‘crazy with fear’.

With a strong and mature horse as a pet, children should learn horse riding and have as much fun as possible in so much safety giving you little to worry about. It’s all about developing and forming a strong relationship with the horse, therefore, its ideal for young children to get used to the horse so that the horse can get used to children.

Horses are special and have plenty of aesthetically pleasing features, therefore, they must be provided with the right care and the right support. Horses should also be given the correct diet as they often have specific dietary requirements as they are herbivores and come with unique digestive systems.

Buying Horses At Auctions

On certain occasions, buyers may get themselves a great horse as they have a keen eye for horses however, this is not always the case. Horses at auctions remain calm as they are confused and are trying to figure out what is going on therefore, they freeze.

It always becomes difficult to notice the problems horses may have as they may be drugged to make them look calm and healthy. Any ailments or disabilities heaves can be easily hidden during an auction with the use of drugs.

Impulse Purchases

People may not think twice before deciding to purchase something such as a horse as they may fall in love with it at first sight, however, are the right questions being asked? People must be confident and critical before making a final decision and in terms of a horse, it is important to be confident that the right horse choice is being made so that their money is worth it.

horse riding a risk

Never buy a horse without seeing it in person. The internet may be a great place to start looking for a new horse, however, buying one based only on people’s impressions of an online video and a few photos can be disastrous. It’s all about making the right choice and finding out everything about a specific horse and whether the horse is healthy, the horse is mature, and whether the horse is trained.

As stated earlier, it’s always best to purchase a trained horse and build a strong connection with it so that the horse can get used to the owner and the owner can get used to the horse.

Not Asking For A Trial Period

Many owners want to ensure they sell their horse to a good home and are confident about the new owners of the pet so they can and the horse can be left satisfied. This is ideal as the horse can get a taste of what the owner is like and the owners can get an idea of whether a certain horse is right for them or not.

The chances are if a horse isn’t right, then instead of simply giving a refund, they would find another horse as they would be going through a trial period. To explain the trial period from a different perspective, before purchasing a car a driver may go through a test drive to see whether the car is right for the ‘soon-to-be’ owners.

In terms of a horse, many points are needed to be taken into consideration such as, whether the horse is healthy and fit and whether the horse is mature and trained. 

Buying A Horse Of A Particular Color

It isn’t a wise thing to buy a horse due to its color. A horse should be bought based on its physique and whether it’s healthy, mature, and energetic enough to participate in sporting events such as the popular Cheltenham festival horse riding event in the UK.

If the horse isn’t trained, then you should not be buying the horse just because of how it looks. You should consider getting this book on horse training (link to Amazon) as it comes with a series of progressive exercises that can easily be adjusted to suit your horse’s personality. 

If the horses bought that are well trained and mature, only then consider the color options. It makes much more sense then. Based on the points noted above, it can take months to train a horse, therefore, it’s best to buy a trained horse and people must be confident that they make the right choice of a horse so that their money is worth it. The color chosen will not affect how well the horse performs in anyway.

This is just their style.

The most important factors to consider would be the strength of the horse, weaknesses, physique, and the overall condition of its health. By keeping these points in mind, better decisions can be made on the horse to be bought – as the choice will not juts be based on the ‘preferred’ color of the horse.

horse specifications

Not Considering The Time And Cost Of Horse Care

Taking care of a horse can be financially demanding. People can buy a horse however, other expenses need to be taken into consideration such as horse care. If people are willing to meet with the financial requirements and there are no risks towards the purchase of a horse, that’s no problem.

People should consider the time and money they have and be honest with themselves about how much they can afford to spend. Horse racing can be described as a ‘rich man’s sport’ as the horses participating in races are owned by people, however, everyone can enjoy the sport, whether its on TV or at the venue.

As stated earlier, horseracing is the second most popular sport in most countries in terms of spectatorship and this is all down to its unpredictability and its ability to produce captivating events and pulling of non-stop entertainment for the audience’s pleasure. 

Buy from Horse Stables you Trust

People must deal with trustworthy people who will back up the product and its best to find someone with an extensive network that can tell you which sellers to deal with and which ones to avoid. It’s best to find sellers who are known to offer full disclosure on the horses they are selling. It’s expensive to buy a horse therefore, many sellers may take complete advantage over this.

Buyers must know exactly what they are looking for and have an understanding of the type of seller they are after so that they can be ensured of a good deal.

Beyond pricing, it’s ideal that the horse itself is trained and mature. It takes months to train a horse, therefore, its best to purchase a horse that is trained, healthy, and energetic. An untrained horse may be a cheaper option, however, it’s not a reliable option for first-time buyers. You want to buy from someone who’s going to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly. Otherwise, people may end up with a horse that has a problem you can’t live with.

 Final Thoughts on Mistakes People Make While Buying Their First Horse

 There are many mistakes people tend to make when purchasing a horse. This can be a very exciting opportunity for many but at the same time, many factors are needed to be taken into consideration before purchasing a horse.

This is an expensive process and people should consider the time and money they have and be honest with themselves about how much they can afford to spend,

This will help to be confident that they make the right choice in the horse that they decide on, to help ensure it is a worthwhile investment. This involves asking questions about the horse and the seller.

As stated earlier, its best to find someone with an extensive network that can tell you which horse stables to deal with and which ones to avoid. So you can be sure to purchase the right horse for the right price.