Best Helmet Camera For Horse Riding

Helmet cameras have proved to be an incredibly popular invention amongst horse enthusiasts and riders. The creative power of the helmet camera now affords horse riders an opportunity to document and capture moments during rides. These moments can be relieved by watching them any time you decide to.

Also, the moments captured by the helmet can play a valuable role should you get in a dispute with another rider, or in rare cases, drivers and road users. These captured scenes can help resolve any legal disputes, should any arise.

Helmet cameras have also played an educative role in the equestrian industry. Issues such as safety of horses and riders, training methods and coaching evaluation can easily be addressed and improved on by careful examination of the moments captured by the rider’s helmet camera.

More particularly, helmet cameras can help riders without access to consistent and professional training, teach themselves. By reviewing each film recorded during training sessions, problems can be noted and corrected. These videos can also be sent to a professional equestrian instructor to provide takes on how you can improve.

Through this article, we have provided you with a comprehensive description of the best 5 helmet cameras you can find online.

Take a look below:

  1. ION 1011l Air Pro-Lite Wi-Fi Camera

For horse riders looking to capture the most fascinating moments while riding, the iON 1011l Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi camera is fast becoming one of the most reliable and in-demand helmet cameras of choice.

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It is extremely durable and waterproof which allows you to use it even in the elements. Weighing only 1.4 pounds, it is super light and you don’t have to worry about it weighing you down. it is easy to carry anywhere.

The iON Camera 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi offers you a 170-degree field of view which allows you to record videos and capture still, burst-shot, time lapse, close-up and far images in 1080p and 720p resolutions with a 14-megapixel lens.

It comes with a battery life of approximately 2.5 to 5 hours. It has a Wi-Fi PODZ built-in that ensures shoot/share functionality is available to users who intend to transmit moments from their rides to their social media pages.

It comes with a provision for a Micro SD card and a Micro SDHC minimum class 6 to a maximum of 10. It allows memory cards with storage up to 32 gigabytes. It comes with android and iOS app through which you can view your contents from your device. You can also upload your riding moments straight to your cloud from the app without having to touch your camera.

This camera comes equipped with a one-touch slide recording functionality, allowing the camera to respond easily to commands mostly with a vibration. Also fitted with a good microphone, Its audio quality is top-notch. Admittedly, the iON 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Camera offers you a lot of features at a relatively cheap price.

  1. Contour Roam3 Waterproof HD Video Camera Review

This Contour Roam3 HD video camera is another high-quality camera to use when out horse riding. Its waterproof makes it great for rainy rides and water jumps.

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Should you decide to use it for sea diving, its waterproof ability can last as deep as 30 meters below sea level.

It’s a camera you will love to take with you anywhere due to ease in setup, thereby giving you more time to enjoy your ride. It possesses a strong outer casing which protects it and enhances its durability. The contour roam3 camera is a versatile camera. Be it a single shot or interval photo mode, this camera offers you different ways of shooting and recording footage while riding.

This camera is totally ideal for long rides. It is fitted with a long-lasting battery that can record rides for hours on end. This helmet camera can record in different ways ranging from 720p, 960p to 1080p.

It comes with a built-in microphone. Its ultra-wide lens is angled at 170 degrees and affords you 270-degree rotation. It also has a laser, built-in for the purpose of shot alignment.

3.    GoPro Hero Hd Waterproof Action Camera Review

Should you ever need an amazing helmet camera for recording the action while you are out horse riding, you can’t go wrong if you opt for the GoPro Hero HD action camera.

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This camera doesn’t require you to use your hands; as such you are free to handle the reins of your horse during the ride.

Using just your voice to issue commands like; “GoPro, start recording” and “GoPro, take a photo”, you can instruct eh camera to capture a photo or initiate a video recording of the ride.

Recording in 1440p and 1080p, The GoPro Hero HD action camera captures high quality, sharp and crystal clear footage. An automatic backup option also comes along with this action camera. This is possible since the GoPro action camera comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities.

All images and videos are automatically saved on your phone or iPad through the GoPro app already installed on your device. This ensures you don’t lose any of your stunning footage.

Although this camera can get a little warm during constant usage, it has been proven to be highly durable. Built to be tough, the GoPro Hero HD action camera will come out in perfect condition should it go through knocks, splashes, or scratches. Its water-resistant quality means you don’t have to worry about damaging your beloved GoPro Hero HD action camera when the elements come pouring. It can also work perfectly at depths of 33 feet (10 meters),

This HD action camera has a 2-inch touch screen that allows you to quickly switch between modes and frames. It also comes with a 1220mAH lithium-ion built-in battery. Its battery durability makes the GoPro Hero HD action camera a household name.

4. Mobius Action Camera 1080p HD Mini Sports Cam Review

Perfectly suited for recording long rides and fast action clips, the Mobius Action Camera 1080p HD Mini Sports Camera is right at the top of the list of helmet cams you should consider buying.

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It is small in size but yet powerful with no wireless remote option. This powerful camera, robust and durable is also surprisingly lightweight, weighing just 42.5g. This makes it ideally suited for long-distance and heavy rides as it adds little or no weight to your helmet.

Fitted with a long-lasting battery, the Mobius action camera 1080p HD mini sports camera allows you to record continuously for as much as 120 minutes of ride time. It streams every footage it captures via a computer or TV screen. This is because it has no viewing screen of its own. This functionality also helps to extend battery life.

Moreover, the Mobius action camera 1080p HD mini sports camera comes with its own attachment sleeve, a Velcro mount, and a USB cable with which you can connect the camera to a computer. Capable of recording at 30 frames per second, it captures clear images and moments across long distances while also providing an amazingly clear vision. It does this in 1080p HD video and audio. It also provides, for high action shots, a 720p 60 frames per minute option.

This camera also lets you store as much as 19 hours of HD recording, as long as you have a memory card inserted into the device. It comes with a loop recording option that allows you to maximize your storage space by automatically overwriting your files. This ensures you keep on shooting without having to worry about space.

  1. UHWK Horse Riding Camera

Widely regarded and recommended as one of the best high-definition sports cameras, its unique mounting system and small size and lightweight, weighing just 30 grams, makes the UHWK Horse Riding Camera ideal for fitting riding hats.

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It comes with a sports grade body with an exquisite rubber finishing that makes this powerful camera beautiful to behold. It has also been designed to deflect off impacts and withstand them should deflection not be possible.

Designed with extra durable materials to still work perfectly in tough environments and -40/+40 degree temperatures, the UHWK Horse Riding Camera is Fitted with a full 1080p HD and stereo audio set to provide you with clear images. This way, you are sure not to miss any moment of the ride be it when you were taking that jump with your lovely horse or making that astonishing and breathtaking turn.

It also makes the perfect educational and safety tool as tutors, coaches and students alike can use the footage captured to improve on their craft. Its one-button toggle control gives you control and lets you navigate through your favorite moments.

The UHWK Horse Riding Camera has a long-lasting battery and can provide as much as 2 hours of battery life. This gives you enough time to capture moments along your ride. It offers a 1080p 30 frames per second option as well as an additional 720p HD 60 frames per second.

Its range of view covers as much 150 degrees of wide-angle field. It also comes with software that is compatible with all devices ranging from windows, Mac, and Android. In addition, a carrying case, a USB charger, and a video transfer cable along with the purchase.

Helmet Camera For Horse Riding – What to look for

Shopping for a camera that is just perfect for your helmet can be difficult. You need a camera that allows you to record your epic rides on the field while also affording you’re the opportunity to share it online if you so wish. Picking a camera depends on how you wish to balance image quality with its wearability.

There are expensive helmet cams on the market as well as cheap ones. And why your budget may restrict you, we advise you go all out for a deserving helmet camera that boasts all the features you need.

This guide has been provided to ease your search for a helmet camera and ensure you pick settle for a helmet camera that does not only give you value for your money but captures your moments in quality. Below we have listed and explained what to look out for when shopping for a helmet camera.

  • Storage

While deciding on the type of helmet camera to pick out, ensure it has enough storage space. Admittedly, different models of helmet cameras offer varying amounts of storage space. Some come with a hard drive already pre-installed for direct saving.

It is advisable to get a camera that comes with space for a Secure Digital (SD) card or Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) so you can maximize the camera’s full potential.

This SD or SDHC card which offers storage space ranging from as low as 4 gigabytes to 256 gigabytes will allow you to perform an instant data transfer and also serve as a backup option. 

  • Construction And Fitting

It is important to pay attention to the construction and fittings of the helmet camera you intend to purchase. Ensure it is robust enough to withstand the constant vibrations that come with your horse galloping without having to damage the image quality.

Avoid purchasing helmet cameras that are not rugged or durable. Do not purchase a camera without secure fittings and mounts that can be used in real conditions. Be sure of the fittings that come with your camera and confirm if that is what you need, or if they can be purchased separately.

If not, move ahead and keep searching. Be sure to look for cameras with integrated units as they don’t have fiddly connecting wires that could obstruct your use of this cam.

  • Image Quality

There are different helmet cameras on the market that offer different image quality options. The image quality offered by some helmet cameras is dependent on either the need to boost picture quality or save memory.

Helmet cameras with full high definition (HD) or 1080p resolution standard indicating 1,080 lines of vertical resolution, gives the clearest image quality available, while those with 960p offer a slightly lower image quality.

Most modern helmet cam models come with a CMOS (metal-oxide-semiconductor) image sensors that allow small batteries to be used although you can still find the older models with Charge-coupled devices (CCD) sensors.

Also, pay attention to the field view as some cameras offer a field of vision ranging from 100 degrees to 180 degrees.

  • Battery Life

How long would you want your helmet camera to last? This is a critical question you should ask yourself before you shop for a camera.

Different helmet camera comes with different battery life and you should pick one that suits the answer to the question above. There are cameras that offer you 60 minutes of recording time, while others offer you up to 180 minutes of recording time.

  • Customer Reviews

Reading the reviews of customers that have purchased a particular product, to a large extent will help guide you in making the purchases.

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