Best Horse Riding Boots For Kids

Teaching your kids how to ride a horse at a young age is an amazing step. While this learning is important, making sure you kid has the right pair of horse riding boots is key to ensuring they enjoy every bit of the experience. Key components of the equestrian attire, riding boots are designed to make your kids feel comfortable and look awesome. Be it in a competition riding, hacking out, or playing in and around the stable, a good pair of boots is a must have for your kid.

There are a lot of horse-riding boots for kids on the market, as well as for  horse enthusiasts and competitors but not all are suitable for your kid. In this article we have gone through the pain of listing the top 5 horse riding boots for your kid. This boots can easily be found in online stores ranging in different prices, color, quality and sizes. This is our take on the best boots available – you can’t go wrong.

Be sure to pick a boot that is certain to fit your needs and also ensures the safety and comfort of your kid. And oh, don’t forget to ask your kids opinion before you make a purchase. Your little champ deserves to have an input in this decision.

Top 5 Horse Riding Boots For Kids

1.  Harry Hall TEX Childrens Silvio Leather Jodhpur Boots

Having a right pair of this Jodhpur boots can make or break your kid’s horse ride.

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These fantastic Harry Hall Silvio Jodhpur boots for your kids are made of real leather and 100% polyester internal lining. Making them not only waterproof but also breathable.

This way, you don’t have to worry about your kids having irritations from wet boots. As a result of its waterproof quality, this boots require regular cleaning and application of boot polish.

Each pair of this boots was designed to have elasticized sides, not only creating a comfortable feel, but also making it easy to pull on and pull off.

The Harry Hall Silvio Jodhpur boots for kids comes with a sole made from plastic. This gives your kid’s feet a great grip and eliminates the risk of your kid’s feet getting restricted in the stirrup.

Fitted into the Harry Hall Silvio Jodhpur boots is a honeycomb gusset. Fastening this boot has been made easy for your kid with the absence of laces and zips, instead it comes with a button and a pull on tab made from cotton.

A well-fitting pair of Harry Hall Silvio Jodhpur boots for kids will last your kid a long time.

  1. Equistar All Weather Child’s Field Boot

If you are finding it difficult to pick out that perfect tall boot for your child, then you should definitely consider getting the Equistar All Weather Child’s Field Boot.

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It is a wonderful choice of horse riding boots for kids interested in horse jumping and dressage lessons. Covered with a leather-look material that is lead free, it gives the soft leather feel and style of a typical horse riding boot and at an economical price.

The shaft of the Equistar All Weather Child’s Field Boot is lined with dry-tex to ensure sweat regulation when riding in warm weather. The shaft is also lined at the top with an easy to clean synthetic leather to give it a traditional appearance.

The Equistar All Weather Child’s Field Boot comes with a narrow profile which includes a V style gusset at the top inside of the leg for comfort, a new Equistar sole system that is long-lasting, constructed to provide comfort and twin spur rests fitted at an appropriate height.

The front of this boot comes with a full length coiled back zipper of the highest quality.

The toe cap designed into this boot is traditional and comes along handy heel tab that you can pull. Furthermore, this boot won’t weigh your kid down as it comes with reduced weight and much improved flexibility.

The Equistar All Weather Child’s Field Boot has been constructed to be water proof, thus providing enough comfort for any weather. With a dual elastic core for a comfortable fit, the Equistar All Weather Child’s Field Boot is the perfect tall horse riding boot for your child.

  1. Smoky Mountain Children’s Monterey Western Cowboy Boots

Featuring a western toe and a walking heel, the Smoky Mountain kids Monterey boots are the perfect set of horse riding boots for your kid.

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It is made of faux full-grain leather with a decorative western stitch pattern along the shaft that gives it the perfect aesthetic and fashionable look, adding beauty and finesse to your kids outfit.

Constructed and crafted with quality synthetic leather that is durable and strong, the smoky mountain kids Monterey boots is sure to last a long time and keep you sturdy.

They are perfect for work in a horse stable. It’s also fitted with a TPR outsole to give support and provide a comfortable feel whenever your kid slips them on.

The smoky mountain kids Monterey boots come with a round toe profile and a nice safety heel that helps keep the boot from slipping though stirrups while your kid has them on.

The smoky mountain Monterey western cowboy boots for kids comes equipped with a two-tier fringe shaft alongside bronze stud accents. It also comes with a pull tab. You can order this boots for your kids in various colors.

  1. Rocky Kids’ Mid Calf Boot

Another outstanding boot on offer is the Rocky mid-calf boot for kids.

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Perfect for horse riding lessons and when your kid runs around in the barn, the rocky mid-calf boot is the missing piece in your kid’s equestrian wardrobe. This boot is made of 100 per cent full-grain leather, making it one of the most durable boots you will find on the market.

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The Rocky mid-calf boot is fitted with a superb rubber five-layered Aztec outsole that has been designed to absorb impact and on loose ground, create traction.

This ensures your kid feels comfortable when they wear the rocky mid-calf boot.

This boot, rugged in style, comes with a round toe that ensures your kid’s toes are not frequently pinched while riding their beloved horse. They are water-resistant and come with a Mossy Oak break-up.

The rocky mid-calf boots for kids comes also with a shaft that measures approximately 6” from the arc. An appropriate size that is sufficient enough for riding and not too long to disrupt play. The Rocky mid-calf boot also comes with an opening that measures 9 inches.

  1. Tuffrider Children’s Starter Buckle-Down Waterproof Boot

The Tuffrider starter buckle-down waterproof boot for kids which comes with a wider, inner calf providing your kid’s feet with an extra grip is hard to ignore.

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It possesses fixed elastic laces and a pair of elastic gusset, fitted on both sides of the zipper, which helps to increase flexibility on the side. This sturdy boot is all your child needs to begin his/her horseback riding lessons. It is also a perfect and more affordable option when shopping to replace an older pair of boots.

Although the Tuffrider children starter buckle down waterproof boot does not have a pull-on strap which makes wearing them difficult, they do possess a zip front which makes pulling on and off easy for kids.

This boot, though not quite in the high-quality boots category, is sturdy and affordable for kids just learning how to ride.

The leather is synthetic in nature and easy to clean with a damp cloth, thus bringing out its beauty. Tuffrider starter buckle-down waterproof boot for kids spots a round toe and plain toe cap with a PVC outsole.

The Tuffrider starter buckle-down waterproof boot comes with a Spanish top and contoured ankle. Its lateral and medial side panels come fitted with an elastic comfort panel.

It also comes with a breathable mesh lining designed to keep your kid’s feet warm and feeling comfortable even after spending hours in the boot. It also features a spur rest and over the zipper at the top of boot lays a snap closure.

A Riding Boot Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing a boot for horse riding, the importance of picking the right footwear should not and never be underestimated. Definitely, all boots are not made with the same specifications. They are different in sizes and shapes and material. Some brands make boots specifically for kids, some for both sexes while others make boots for a single-sex only, be it male or female.

During horse riding, most of the controlling are done with the rider’s feet and legs, therefore it is important to identify the brands that make fitting boots suitable for your gender and taste. Your boots go a long way in influencing your comfort and control. It is highly advised you seek the advice of equestrian experts to guide you through and help you pick out the right style to suit your needs and your budget.

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Types Of Boots To Look Out For When Shopping

We recognize how difficult it can be choosing which boots to buy. That is why we have created this guide to serve you. We have simplified most of the technical terms you find confusing, thereby giving you easy access to understanding all types of riding boots. That way, you can make an informed choice.

There are several types of boots available on the equestrian market. The most popular types of riding boots are;, Field Boot, Jodhpur Boots, Paddock boots, Hunt Boot, and Dress Boots. Below is a detailed explanation of each type listed above.

  • Field Boot – This boot, which reaches up to knee level, comes with ankle lacings which differentiate it from other boots. This offers flexibility and comfort during rides and jumps
  • Dress Boot – These tall equestrian boots come with a zipper instead of lacings. This makes the dress boot stiffer in nature than the field boots. They are most popular in black colours although brown colours are available too
  • Hunt Boot – These boots are meant for hunting and as such are not suitable for riding purposes. They typically look like a tall dress boot and come with a contrasting tan cuff located at the top of the shaft.
  • Jodhpur Boots – Jodhpur is short ankle boots that make use of elastic insets to ease the process of slipping them on. Some of them come with zippers while others come with buckles.
  • Paddock Boots – These also ankle boots and you can be forgiven for confusing them for Jodhpur boots. They come with lacings unlike the Jodhpur boots are dictated for saddle-seat style riding

Factors To Consider When Shopping For Riding Boots For Your Kid

There are several factors to put in mind when shopping for a riding boot. These factors include but not limited to; discipline, cost, safety, material and style. We have taken our time to explain each one of these factors below

Discipline: While shopping for riding boots, ensure to get boots that are the perfect fit for the type of riding you intend to engage in. Be it reining, pleasure riding or just jumping, there are boots for each purpose.

Cost: While spending money on a boot that’s comfortable and durable is a no brainer, you should consider less costly boots for your kid if they are still growing. A nice boot always costs a lot, but have a nice resell value

Safety: Ensure to purchase boots that are closed-toed with a solid heel. this will protect your feet from misplaced hooves and prevent your feet from sliding through stirrups

Material: Riding boots are made with several materials be it leather or rubber. Each one if suited to different elements. Waterproof boots should be your priority for muddy regions, while boots that allow your feet to breathe are meant for riding in the heat.

Style: Though it’s not highly advised you buy a boot for its aesthetics alone, you should not hesitate to purchase a finely designed boot if it is also durable. Your kid deserves to look lovely.