Is Horse Riding Bad For Your Back?

Is Horse Riding Bad For Your Back?

Horse riding is a very recreational and healthy activity carried out by all ages. Despite the fun, most people still wonder if consistent horse riding is bad for your … Read

Which Horse Breed Is The Smartest?

horse breeds

It’s very difficult to determine which horse breed is the smartest. Smartness is relative depending on the context in which it is used. Different horse breeds exhibit unique characteristics … Read

Can Ostriches Run Faster than Horses?


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Do Horses feel Love? 

Do horses feel love? 

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Is Horse Riding Good for Autism?  

Horseback Riding For Kids

Horse riding has proven to be an effective and beneficial treatment for autism through hippotherapy and equine therapy. Equine Therapy Equine therapy tranquilizes riders with autism and makes them … Read

Negative Effects Of Horse Riding

Nse Kill You?Negative Effects Of Horse Riding

According to the research conducted by a UK healthcare provider, Benenden, horse riding was rated the third most dangerous sport after boxing and rugby with less than 15% of … Read